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I Knew There Had to be an Answer

At our last appointment when you were telling me that my 15 year old daughter is now at the level that she should be at and she has now graduated the program, a flood of emotions came. I flashed back to the many different ways that we tried to teach her spelling words. How hard we worked together and that she would blame me for the bad grades that she would get. All our work together had been in vain.

I knew there had to be an answer out there for my daughter's problem. I knew that the teachers' plan of cutting back on her spelling words wouldn't help her in the long run. There had to be a better future out there for her!

I praise God for directing me to you. Your program was simple and extremely effective. I will keep giving my testimony and keep recommending you highly to all the parents out there that are struggling with their child's' way of learning.

May God Bless You!
~ Mom in New Jersey

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