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The Answer to a Son's Years of Emotional Frustration

For the longest time growing up, I struggled a lot in grade school. Year after year I was labeled as one of the slow students right through high school. This caused me to have the smallest desire to learn outside of class/study time. The biggest areas of struggle were in memorization, in-depth reading; things of that sort.

This all changed one spring when my mother attended a teachers' convention with the goal to maybe find a cure for me. We had invested a lot of money as well as time in prayer up to this point. At the convention my mom met a God-send by the name of Candy Hawkins. They talked for awhile and the information turned out to be exactly what my mom sought for my cure. Mom was very excited to finally have THE answer to her son's years of emotional frustration and lack of confidence. It also in a small way built a stronger faith that prayer really does change things.

I had my first evaluation in September of that year. After completing roughly 4 out of the first 7 months of the program that Candy had set up for me, which is based on my individual needs, I began to see major improvements in my speech, confidence level, faster reading comprehension, and even my handwriting. But of course most importantly was the change in my overall brain function. For instance; understanding numerical levels, greater auditory processing when people are speaking and also more control of my emotions. Others in my family began to see the change, too. This was a new dawn in life.

Now at 23, I have my own place. I was able to go to trucking school and currently I am working in the trucking industry as I had always wanted to. If I have the discipline to keep going with the program, the levels of brain stimulation for me are endless. That's what makes the program so wonderful. You can learn all your life, even when you're 80. It's up to you how much you want to learn and process.

I owe an awful lot to this organization, my family, Candy Hawkins, and most of all to the Lord for setting all these people in my life at times needed most.

Thank-you Jesus.    ~ Client in Connecticut
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