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Bringing Liberty to Our Son.

I wanted to write you with this praise report and thank you - you and your "ministry" are truly bringing liberty to kids.

As you know, we had enrolled Josh into the high school and we were given a very hard time. We met with the child study team because they had diagnosed him as learning disabled in 5th grade and with ADHD. The diagnosis at the time was that he was impaired in all the seven ways that people learn.

I home schooled him and bless God, went to a home school convention where I attended a Liberty4kids seminar. I know that if Josh and I had diligently followed the program as you had set it up our progress would have been better and quicker, but even in what we did we saw a miracle.

The child study team did a battery of tests on Josh to see if he was eligible for an IEP due to the previous report from the 5th grade. We had a meeting last week and the unanimous determination was that Josh shows no evidence of learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD. They are de-classifying him!

He is taking college prep world history and earth science and is maintaining a B+ average with little effort - his Algebra 1 class he is also B+ and probably an A in physical education. The amazing thing for us is that he likes Algebra and he likes PE. He always absolutely hated playing basketball, or any sports things; but he is enjoying them and not complaining.

I know in my heart that God led us to you and the program that you offer is a ray of light to bring hope to the hopeless - in the sense of learning disabilities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I recommend your program to everyone I know who have children like Josh - and he is living proof that there is liberty for kids.

God bless you!    ~ Mom in New Jersey
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