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My 9 year-old son, Stephen, was diagnosed as being ADHD at eight years old.

For the first eight years of his life we "managed" his behavior and were very frustrated parents. The only option the psychologist offered us was to use medication to slow him down. We knew God was not calling us to use medication for his condition and so we waited until the Lord brought another solution to us. We attended a workshop presented by Candace Hawkins, a neurodevelopmentalist in Connecticut. She shared some valuable information that helped us realize the root of Stephen's problems.

We realized from what Candace said that Stephen wasn't processing information correctly and that he was missing our instructions or other information given him. We had always thought he was just very strong-willed. Now we were beginning to see other reasons for why he behaved the way he did. After much prayer and a few more months of frustration with Stephen's behavior we made an appointment to see Candace Hawkins. Candace spent one hour evaluating and testing Stephen. Within that hour she was able to tell us that Stephen had a high level of hyperactivity and distractibility as well as many other neurological imbalances, which were affecting his behavior.

We left Candace's office that day with the hope that we were going to begin to help our son. We did the full program she recommended diligently five days a week for weeks on end and started to grow impatient as we weren't seeing any changes. As we finished the eighth week of the program I realized how smoothly the week with Stephen had gone. I thought it might have been a coincidence, so I waited out the next week. Once again we had a very good week with him. He was beginning to slow down. I was able to communicate an instruction to him and he followed it. He even began, for the first time in his life, sitting in his chair for the entire meal without getting distracted and getting up.

As the weeks flowed into months we felt like we had a new son in our home. One of the biggest changes in our family came when Stephen began showing affection to us. It has been such a blessing!There are so many ways Stephen has changed since we started this program with him and I feel like I have been given the opportunity to have a relationship with my son that I didn't ever think would be possible. Now he is enjoyable and a pleasure to be with. We are finally able to enjoy a conversation with him and impart more of God's truths to him.

Stephen has become a much happier child, because he is able to communicate effectively with us and we don't have the struggles we once had with him. This is why I feel that Candace's program has been so appropriately named Liberty 4 Kids. She has helped set children free from their learning disorders so that they can have the confidence to learn and develop at the rate they should. Stephen, 2 years later, has been set free from his hyperactivity and distractibility so he can continue to develop and mature and make choices that would be pleasing to God. Candace's program has also freed us to enjoy our son and instill in him Godly characteristics.    ~ Mom in South Carolina

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