Meet the Liberty Families

Our Journey Brings Amazing Progress...

I want to thank you for your hard, committed work with our son. When I think back over our journey during the nineteen months of his program, I can see such amazing progress. Merely one year ago I would read aloud to him. He honestly did not know what I was reading to him. Now, his dad is reading The Chronicles of Narnia and he is enthralled with the story!

He now laughs heartily at a joke, understanding the meaning in a way that was not possible before.

He started a reading comprehension book last summer, requiring a lot of assistance from me, especially for questions related to inferring the main idea. Last week he completed the workbook and it's been months since I've had to sit down and guide him through it.

His physical agility is superior without any visible motor delays. He is really interested in basketball and can play a game on equal footing with his friends.

We continue to see social skills improvements. There has been tremendous progress since the days of 100% parallel play and he now joins in play with others.

I believe his program was so influential in getting him to this point. So I wanted to give our thanks for helping us to reach these goals. Thank you for your hard work designing the program and guiding us to put it into practice. Thank you for bearing up through discouraging times and keeping us on track. May the Lord continue to bless your work and ministry to other families like ours.    ~ Mom in New Jersey
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