Meet the Liberty Families

Liberty came into existence with a purpose... "He has sent me... to proclaim liberty to the captives... so they will be called oaks of righteousness." Isaiah 61:1-3. In accordance with this purpose, a foundation was laid.

Foremost is the belief that the Lord created every child. No mistakes were made.

We believe that every child has unlimited potential. When they struggle, it is usually because we do not understand how to meet their needs, not that they lack the ability.

We believe the parents are the single most important element in a child's life and it is their responsibility to ensure that their child is given every opportunity to be all the Lord has planned for them.

We believe that schools and professionals should be a support to the family in regards to development and education, working through the proper structure of authority of the family.

We believe that the struggles children and adults face are not an embarrassment, but a testimony of the Lord's ministry through them.

We believe that the goal should be to identify the root problem rather than coping with the visible symptoms.

We believe that success is not based on statistics, but on the lives of the individual children and adults.

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