Liberty Learning Series
by Candace Hawkins

Brain Power ~ Tap Into It!
(Required listening prior to scheduling a developmental evaluation)
God is a God of order and we are created in His image. Understanding the order that should exist allows us to identify the brain power. Identifying the gaps that may occur and fixing them, allows us to tap into the dormant power and strive to achieve our full potential. In this seminar you will learn...

* The Purpose of the brain
* The Process of the brain
* The Parts of the brain
* The Profile of the brain's development
* How to Promote the motivation to access full potential and more...

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Helping Your Children Achieve Their God-Given Potential...
All of us have unlimited potential if we know how to most effectively develop it. In this seminar you will learn the...
* Foundation of Biblical design
* Concept of neurological organization
* Role you can play to enhance your child's potential
* Process in how our brains should handle information
* Root causes of learning difficulties - to eliminate them

Receive the hope that a non-invasive solution is possible to unlock the potential not being reached, whether your child is "normal", labeled or gifted.

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Auditory Processing: A Key to Learning and Behavior...
How our children process establishes the foundation for their function. It can either promote or limit their development. In this seminar you will learn...

* What auditory processing really is
* How to evaluate processing in yourself and in your child
* Identify the symptoms of processing vs. behavioral problems
* The significance of processing and what it's responsible for
* Solutions to poor auditory processing and more...

Realize the potential of your child is as yet unknown. By taking practical steps to insure strength of processing skills, you will lay a foundation which they can excel in learning and behavior.

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Making the Most of Your Teaching Time
Whether you are your child's teacher or you help them with their school work, you have the opportunity to maximize your time with them. In this seminar you will learn...

* How to make learning effective, efficient and fun
* Ways to create a positive environment
* Methods of motivation for participation
* The significance of frequency, intensity and duration
* Practical examples of applying the recommendations above

If you teach a child a pile of information, he/she will have a storehouse of knowledge. If you help a child to love learning, you have opened up the world to them!

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