Meet the Liberty Families

A LIFE CHANGES A LIFE... Through a close personal relationship with a family whose daughter had "broken the mold" doctors had limitingly set for her, Candace Hawkins, founder of Liberty Consultants, embraced the belief that through developmental intervention, identifying the root cause of a problem and addressing it, yields far more productive results than bandaging the symptoms and laying blame at the feet of a label.

Liberty Consultants was founded in order to help unlock the full God-given potential of children and adults. Candace earned her Bachelor's degree in elementary education with a pre-med focus before pursuing postgraduate certification in Neurodevelopment. Liberty4Kids was then founded in 1996. Since then she has received additional training in speech therapy and nutrition.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Liberty became the name of our organization in order to communicate its purpose... "He has sent me... to proclaim liberty to the captives... so they will be called oaks of righteousness." Isaiah 61:1-3. Liberty's desire is that each individual will be free from struggles of learning to be all that God has planned for them.

THE LIVES BEING CHANGED... Now serving families from all over the northeast as well as some Midwestern states, Liberty clients include those who are normal, gifted or accelerated and labeled. These labels have included ADD/ADHD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Distractible, Down Syndrome, Dyslexic, Hyperactive, Learning Disabled, Processing Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorder and more.

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