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Kids must be involved in education for 12 years. If learning is a challenge, those 12 years are going to be MISERABLE. Think about it... if something is hard to do, do you want to do it for 12 years??

To eliminate a problem you must first find the source of the problem. If you have a leak in your bathtub you can solve the problem of flooding by not using it. But boy will you feel dirty after no baths for awhile! Or you can put a facecloth over the area of the leak to slow it down while you use it. But it still leaks - just more slowly. OR you can find where the leak is, repair it, and begin using the tub again without drips and floods.

Liberty desires to find the root cause of the learning struggle. Not just patch up the symptoms or slow the effects down. By working with your child's developmental profile, we can identify the root and then begin eliminating it.

Story of elimination...


Labels on a can or jar tells us what is inside - the contents. A label on a child does the same thing. If a child is labeled ADHD, I know when I meet them I will find, inside, a child who as a short attention span, is easily distractible, has difficulty focusing, has an excessive amount of energy, doesn't follow directions well...

But a label is not the source of the contents. The label didn't create or cause the contents. ADHD is not the problem. It is only describing the contents. To get rid of the label you must get rid of the "contents". To get rid of the "contents" you must identify the source of them.

Liberty desires to find the source of the label. WHY is your child labeled? By working with your child's developmental profile, we can identify the source, and begin deleting the contents. It is then declassification becomes possible.

Story of declassification


"Give a man a fish, you feed him a meal. Teach him to fish, you feed him for life." This premise can be applied to school. If you teach a child to memorize and regurgitate information, they will get an A on the test. But if you teach them to love learning, you have given them a life of education.

Home-educating parents and teachers directly influence a child's interest in learning. According to research a child will exhibit 50% of the enthusiasm expressed to them. What degree of enthusiasm are you communicating during learning?

Children are unique. They have unique learning styles. They have unique interests. Liberty wants to help identify those unique qualities and give you recommendations on how to maximize them into learning opportunities. Liberty wants to help you help your children learn to love learning.

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