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India 2006
Having left a part of her heart in India in January 2005, Candace gratefully accepted the opportunity to return to Avasomavaram, India – home to the Two World’s Children’s Home, and location of her missing heart! ... I was also eagerly anticipating a reunion with the Mekala family who founded and run the orphanage. I cannot adequately describe the joy of seeing “my” orphans all lined up at the orphanage, eager to welcome us, and hearing the chant, “Chocolate! Chocolate!” (my telugu name) as I got out of the vehicle. I had found the missing piece of my heart!!


For the next three weeks my world was full! More time was spent at the orphanage this year than last, allowing many hours of relationship building with the children and staff through games, Telugu/English lessons, classtime, food preparation and singing. I was able to spend some wonderful time with Angela – a young girl who does not speak. I found that when I’d sit with her on my lap and sing, she would make noises to sing with me and just shiver with the joy that was overflowing in her!

The orphanage director, Sudheer Mekala, was eager to schedule a teacher training for the day school teachers. 18 attended and Sudheer did an amazing job translating and explaining to them the developmental terms I threw at him. The teachers all tested their digit spans, discovered their dominance status and were challenged with new teaching goals. Several days after the training, a group of them came up to me with questions and reports of “practice” they had been doing on each other – confirming they were understanding the big picture of development. They were left with activities they can do with their students to enhance neurologically efficient function. I told them, Lord willing, I’ll be back in December 2006 to give them their final! The training was so well received that Lord willing, a larger training will be held in the future, offering this information to other schools in the region.



Unrelated to development, but the most significant experience on the trip for me, included a trip into the mountains. After a hike to the most mountaintop village to share the love of Christ, the team split up for our descent and two of us headed across the mountain to visit villages on the way down. In the first village I had the awesome privilege of holding a tiny little 3 week old girl, who hadn’t slept or stopped crying since birth. While praying for her, she quieted down and fell asleep! It was an indescribably joy to witness such a miracle. Her mother has since left the Hindu religion and has given her life to the Lord.

It is a privilege and an awesome opportunity to share the developmental work with the people of India. Though the labels aren’t flying around over there like here in America, the need for more organized function is definitely there. But it is an even greater privilege to share of my Lord with those in bondage to the worship of millions of gods. This year, a bigger part of my heart remained behind. But Lord willing, I will be able to return and find it again over the New Year of 2007! I know it is in safekeeping in the meantime!


Thank you to my clients who prayed for me and who worked hard at program even while was absent. My time in India would not be possible without your willingness to let me vacate the office for awhile! My gratitude is also to Alexa, my sister and office assistant, who was not able to return to India this year due to health complications. She kept my clients in topnotch shape during my absence! Liberty will continue to support this orphanage in India and as information is available, will share of the fruit of such labors with our American friends and clients.

In His Service here in America and abroad in India, Candy aka Chocolate

India 2005
Two days after Christmas 2004, Candace and 3 American team members, flew to Vishakhaptnam, India. (arriving 2 days after the tsunami had hit). Embraced by the Mekala family of India, Candace and the team left American comforts, language, food and culture behind as they embarked upon the most incredible three week journey in southern India...


Living at the Children's Home, founded by "Daddy and Mommy" Mekala and overseen by their son Sudheer Mekala, we were loved and fell in love with 150 amazing orphans. Through games, signing and translators, the language barrier was defeated. In its place was erected a bond that will last a lifetime.

During the days and weeks of ministry, including evangelistic crusades, vacation Bible school and visits to the village churches, Sudheer was our constant companion and translator. While driving through the terrorist laden mountains of southern India our first Sunday night in India, he learned of the work that I do in America. He quickly followed with the question... "Can you help me help some of the children struggling at the orphanage?" Before the trip was out, an informal training session was arranged for him and his head teacher and my prayers of helping children overcome struggles had been broadened beyond my imagination!!


Lord willing, we are all desirous of returning to the Mekalas and their orphanage right after Christmas this year. If that happens, formal training sessions will be arranged with all the teachers of the orphanage (200 children) and school (550 children). Liberty's founding verse is Isaiah 61:3 " proclaim liberty that they shall be called oaks of righteousness..." I never saw any oak trees in India, but I'm looking forward to what "oaks" will grow from this amazing opportunity.

If you are interested in more information about this orphanage, check out the website designed for them and currently being updated.
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