Meet the Liberty Families

I am a firm believer that without Liberty my son wouldn't be achieving anywhere near what he is now. I feel so sorry for parents who get a "diagnosis" from a doctor or other professional and feel hopeless. If they only knew what was available through Liberty!

We are so glad we found Liberty and are very thankful for all the help they have provided for our son. He's made such improvements in education, self-esteem and individuality. He is happier and less frustrated in his daily activities.

I've seen many wonderful changes in both my girls since they started the program two years ago. My 10 year old has learned to READ! I never thought that would happen. She's becoming very thoughtful, focused and a real pleasure to be around. My 12 year old's results haven't been as dramatic as she didn't have as far to come. She's reading so much better, remembering phone numbers, and interacting socially with kids in her class much more that she ever did. Is it all attributable to the program? Who knows, but none of this happened before we started program. We're not about to stop!
~ Dad in New Jersey

I am happy to state that working with your program, along with helpful school professionals, has yielded terrific results for my daughter. She is receiving excellent grades and feels so good about herself.    ~ Mom in New Jersey

I've seen improvements in my son's ability to process. He is doing so much better overall in his studies this year.

We've only been on program for four months... As far as sticking with our program, I have been pretty good. All of our activities have become just a natural part of our daily routine, and my son seems to enjoy our treatments! He has shown tremendous progress!!!!!! We are very pleased. He is a totally different boy. Prior to program I was having issues starting my son in Kindergarten. He is doing great!!!! I am so pleased.
~ Mom in Pennsylvania

I am so thrilled with some of the changes I'm seeing! My son read a road sign last week...I don't think I ever heard him do that before. It was a little sign we go by often that says "cattle crossing". Call me crazy, but little stuff like that make me so excited!! I am so thankful the Lord led us to go to your workshop at the homeschool fair!! If I would have been the only one to pursue your program from your time at the fair (which I know I'm not) know that your time was totally worth it!!  ~ Mom in Pennsylvania

Though we have just begun program, I should say that following your program is already making me have a much better attitude about teaching my daughter, and I am sure that our mother/daughter home schooling relationship is going to improve. Until now, no one has ever been able to give me any direction with her learning difficulties. Now, for the first time, there are realistic goals to work towards, instead of just hearing about how she "falls short" and not knowing how to proceed.   ~ Mom in Massachusetts

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