Evaluations Offered

Life has just started. Mom and Dad have bought all the latest in technological gadgets to help their child grow up prepared for life...

Unknowingly, vital levels of development can be missed. In a world of technology and computers, sometimes the necessary basics of life are forgotten or lost. The Early Intervention Program is designed to advise parents as to how their infants and toddlers can efficiently grow and mature developmentally. It opens the possibilities of developing at an accelerated rate.

ADD, ADHD, CAPD, Dyslexic, Hyperactive, Learning Disabled...

Your child may wear one or more of these labels or others. And coping with their difficulties or medicating the symptoms with prescription drugs have been your choices for their future. Liberty Consultants wants to introduce you to a new alternative: Identify the root and seek to overcome the problem!

Honor Roll. All-Star Athlete. Class President. This may be your child. Yet many of our children could be achieving so much more if we only knew how to direct them! They learn quickly, but are unchallenged. As a tragic result, unfulfilled talent and purpose lies dormant. Using their already established strengths, we strive to keep them moving forward at their level of development, unlimited by pre-established paces.

For those families choosing to educate their children at home, recommendations for eclectic curriculum and resources can be included in the developmental evaluation at no additional charge. Methodologies most effective for your child can be discussed and taught to you.

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks!" "If I learn any more, my brain will explode !" "I gave all my abilities to my kids!" How many of you have heard or used one of these lines when faced with learning something new? Or when taking on another responsibility? For some it's a witty saying but for others it's a facade to avoid embarrassment.

Many adults may currently struggle with learning inefficiencies that were never noticed as a child. They've learned to learn to cope with limitations. Jobs are stressful, homes become disorganized, social skills may suffer as well. Yet, by properly stimulating the seemingly dormant, yet trainable brain, adults, too, can overcome learning related struggles! No one is too old to overcome!!